More Fun with Black & White

After a recent post on converting photos to black & white and discussions with some other local photographers, I decided to have some more fun with photos I’ve taken in the past few months. This post contains a few results.

Even though you can use a “black and white” mode on most digital cameras, capturing in color and later converting to grayscale provides the most robust options to tweak the appearance. The “black and white mix” sliders in Lightroom allow you to target specific colors (for example, bringing out detail in the sky with the Blue slider). Without previous color data, targeting these areas of the image would require extra work.

Also, you can get creative by leaving selective color in a scene and converting the rest of an image to black and white. While free programs like Picasa offer editing features to do this, adjustment brushes in Lightroom or layers in Photoshop allow greater precision (both examples in this set were created via Lightroom adjustment brushes to target areas where I desired color to stay).

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