Bennington Monument

The Bennington Battle Monument¬†commemorates the Battle of Bennington, which occurred in 1777 during the American Revolution. The Americans successfully defended a supply storage area from Burgoyne’s attack, ultimately contributing toward the victory at Saratoga.


Steadfast Bridges

Close-up of bridge sign at Cooper’s Cave, Glens Falls, New York

New York City Weekend

Here is a collection of photos taken over a weekend trip to NYC celebrating our anniversary. I didn’t bring my DSLR along but did manage to take a several decent shots with my iPhone using a number of apps. The latest photo app I’ve installed is Camera Awesome, a free app with a number of features, including a horizon level, composition aids, multi-burst modes, stabilization, time delay, and a good amount of image data (histogram, shutter speed, ISO equivalent, etc.). I highly recommend downloading it and giving it a try.

It’s Spring in Saratoga Springs

This Saturday was a perfect day to spend a couple hours walking the streets of Saratoga Springs before the tourists show up for the summer season. Though I’ve spent countless times wandering along Broadway, there are always new inspirations for creative camera fun. Many architecturally interesting buildings line the sidewalks, and mementos ranging from multicolored fiberglass horses to horse head bike posts remind visitors of the city’s ever present horse racing theme.

New Saratoga Springs City Center

Some photos taken around the exterior of the newly rebuilt Saratoga Springs City Center in September 2011. The updated building design makes for some interesting geometric patterns. Also, you’ll see one of the many decorative horses that are scattered throughout the city.