Muddy Mohawk River & Saratoga Lake after Hurricane Irene

Shortly after Hurricane Irene, I took my camera down along the Mohawk River to capture the muddy mess the receding flood waters left behind. Although the flooding was not as bad in Halfmoon as in other areas, the water had still gone well over the banks and caused some damage to docks. You can see the cracked, dried mud covering what was once a nicely groomed gravel path, as well as mud from the flooded river up next to a tree a good distance from the water’s regular bank.

In addition to the Mohawk, a couple shots at the bottom show the extent of flooding at Saratoga Lake, where water was well into what was normally the parking lot and boat launch, and people were driving into the lake to retrieve their boats. Also, I’ve included two iPhone pictures from my commute to work near the Rexford bridge the day after the hurricane.

Clute’s Dry Dock HDR

clute's dry dock vischer ferry
Vischer Ferry Nature Preserve