Windsurfers & Waves

During our recent camping trip along Lake Champlain at Ausable Point, I was able to spend some time along the beach with my camera during the day in addition to sunset and sunrise. A windy day proved the perfect time for a group of windsurfers out on the lake, and I managed to get some shots of them in action, as well as some wave shots. Below is a selection from the best pictures caught.

Sunrise over Lake Champlain from Ausable Point

What makes getting up at 4:40 AM worthwhile? An incredible sunrise over Lake Champlain! Moments like this leave one in awe at the beauty of God’s creation.

I managed to arrive on the beach a few minutes before the sun arrived on the horizon. Once it came up, the heavy contrast between rocks and the brightness of the sun offered an excellent opportunity to experiment with exposure settings as well as to perfect combining multiple exposures in Photoshop.

HDR Sunset over Lake Champlain

HDR sunset over Lake Champlain from Ausable Point