Vischer Ferry in February

As spring began to hint at its promise of coming after a long, cold winter, I went down to the Vischer Ferry Preserve for a weekend afternoon trek along the Mohawk River. While snow and ice remained all over, the weather had warmed up above freezing for the first time in quite a while. I started at the western entrance off of Ferry Drive (side road off of Riverview Road), continuing to walk west toward the hydroelectric plant and dam.

Gooseprints in the Snow

This afternoon, I went down to the Mohawk River with my camera to capture some shots before the first “sticking” snowfall of the season melted away. Just after a group of Canada geese swam away, I got this photo of their footprints left behind.

Nikon D5100, AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-55mm, f/20, 1/10 second, edited in Lightroom

Over the Mohawk

View over the Mohawk River on a cloudy fall day

Moonlit Grass

Taken the night before August 2012’s “blue moon.” I’m pleased with the way I managed to catch the blade of grass right across the moon.

Peebles Island State Park

We visited Peebles Island State Park for the first time this weekend. This park sits at the point where the Mohawk and Hudson rivers converge near Waterford, NY. Though the island is small, cliffs and some rapids provide some interesting scenery. I carried my tripod along to be able to capture the water at a slow shutter speed, resulting in soft motion blur visible in the close-up waterfall shot. Also, near the park entrance sits a dilapidated  factory, which is partly used by NYS and partly sitting in disrepair. While not a large park, Peebles Island is definitely a great place to hike for a couple of hours with a 1.8-mile trail around the perimeter and several internal trails.

Muddy Mohawk River & Saratoga Lake after Hurricane Irene

Shortly after Hurricane Irene, I took my camera down along the Mohawk River to capture the muddy mess the receding flood waters left behind. Although the flooding was not as bad in Halfmoon as in other areas, the water had still gone well over the banks and caused some damage to docks. You can see the cracked, dried mud covering what was once a nicely groomed gravel path, as well as mud from the flooded river up next to a tree a good distance from the water’s regular bank.

In addition to the Mohawk, a couple shots at the bottom show the extent of flooding at Saratoga Lake, where water was well into what was normally the parking lot and boat launch, and people were driving into the lake to retrieve their boats. Also, I’ve included two iPhone pictures from my commute to work near the Rexford bridge the day after the hurricane.

Mohawk River at Night

Here is a collection of shots from a cold January evening on the edge of the Mohawk River. I arrived at sunset and stayed around for the full moon. A tripod plus long exposures made for some nice photos.

Mohawk River Sunset

mohawk river sunset

Autumn sunset over the Mohawk River