Vischer Ferry in February

As spring began to hint at its promise of coming after a long, cold winter, I went down to the Vischer Ferry Preserve for a weekend afternoon trek along the Mohawk River. While snow and ice remained all over, the weather had warmed up above freezing for the first time in quite a while. I started at the western entrance off of Ferry Drive (side road off of Riverview Road), continuing to walk west toward the hydroelectric plant and dam.

Get Close with Winter

When winter strikes, with snow and ice forming outside, plenty of patterns for photos arise. Here are a few I found close to home.

Spring Snow

When the first day of spring in the Northeast started off with a load of fresh snow, I took advantage first thing in the morning to get some pictures before it all started to melt again. Here are the results.

Icicle Light

Adirondack Winter


Grounded Cable Car

While learning to cross-country ski at Lapland Lake, I spotted this abandoned old ski lift cable car. The red made for excellent contrast against the white snow and evergreen trees.

HDR Gate

Gate entrance to the King’s Garden in the back area of Fort Ticonderoga’s grounds.

HDR Gazebo in Snow

HDR shot of a gazebo behind the King’s Garden at Fort Ticonderoga. The body of water through the trees is Lake Champlain. See more from the Battle on Snowshoes visit to these grounds in my Fort Ticonderoga winter photo gallery.

Moreau Lake in Winter

moreau lake winter

Thin ice over a barely frozen lake during the mild 2012 winter. Moreau Lake State Park, Moreau, NY

Leaf Encased in Ice

leaf in ice

Couldn’t pass up this opportunity for a shot when I saw how the ice had melted around the leaf.