Vischer Ferry in February

As spring began to hint at its promise of coming after a long, cold winter, I went down to the Vischer Ferry Preserve for a weekend afternoon trek along the Mohawk River. While snow and ice remained all over, the weather had warmed up above freezing for the first time in quite a while. I started at the western entrance off of Ferry Drive (side road off of Riverview Road), continuing to walk west toward the hydroelectric plant and dam.

Autumn on the Erie Canal

I spent a Sunday afternoon along the Erie Canal at the Lock 6 Canal State Park in Waterford. A perfect autumn day for spending outdoors, the sun peeked out from a most cloudy sky to offer beautiful lighting for photography. The views toward the eastern hills of New York added to the experience, with autumn colors a bit past peak but still quite colorful in places.

Roaring Brook Falls

A breathtaking waterfall that’s easy to hike to, Roaring Brook Falls offers a decent view of the High Peaks after a quick hike to the top. The mostly flat walk to the base provides a better view of the full waterfall from beneath. The trailhead starts at a parking area off of Route 73, heading toward Lake Placid from the Northway.

Morning over Pyramid Lake

A July weekend camping expedition to the state campground at Pyramid Lake yielded some incredible morning views just a brief walk downhill from the site. In the morning, wisps of fog remained over the water for a beautiful Adirondack atmosphere.

Evening over Mirror Lake

While spending Memorial Day weekend at the High Peaks Resort in Lake Placid, NY, I took some time in the evening to set up my camera and tripod along Mirror Lake. Mellow evening light and a partly cloudy sky offered the perfect atmosphere for landscape photography. A canoe and a colorful sailboat added interest to the scenery, as well.

Brant Lake in Autumn

In mid-October I had the opportunity to participate in a photography workshop with Carl Heilman, a well-known landscape photographer who has done most of his work in the Adirondacks. This session was an educational time as well as an opportunity to take some fall foliage photography right around peak color time. Here are a few examples of images I took on this day.

Inman Pond Hike

Even after most of the autumn colors disappear, fall continues as the best time of year to hike in the Adirondacks, in my opinion. Cooler weather means more comfortable hiking, no pesky insects, and fewer people crowding the trails, while the freezing cold winter weather has not yet kicked in. The first weekend in November, many of the leaves had fallen off the trees, allowing for a better view through the woods. We could see out over a ridge during the hike in as well as seeing quite a bit of the pond even before reaching the open areas along the water.

Inman Pond lies in the Lake George Wild Forest area, east of Lake George. The hike in covers a little over a mile with slight elevation gain, but not nearly as strenuous as scaling an actual mountain. Once you reach the pond, you can choose to branch off toward either the left or right side of the water. We chose the left side and found a couple of places to walk right up to the edge of the water. This hike offered a great quick journey to get out in the woods a bit and enjoy the crisp, cool weather of fall.

Fountain Swirl: Lens Rotation

I always enjoy thinking outside the ordinary “set up your camera and take a shot” mindset. In this shot, I rotated the zoom on my camera lens while shooting at a speed of 1/40. The blurred rotation on the edges complements the curve of the water (ok, I’m not an art critic, but it sounds good).

Bethany Beach, Delaware

A few images from our June 2013 vacation at Bethany Beach in Delaware.

Ocean Swirl

0.8 second shutter speed, mellow evening light, and ever active ocean waves combined for this image, taken at Bethany Beach in Delaware.